March 2, 2022

3 Top Inventory Management Options for Etsy & Shopify Businesses

If you're like most business owners, keeping track of your inventory is a never-ending task. And if you're using Etsy or Shopify, picking the right inventory management option can be downright daunting. But don't worry, we're here to help! In this post, we'll compare and contrast three of the most popular inventory management solutions for Etsy and Shopify businesses: Syncr, Trunk , and CraftyBase. So read on to find out which one is right for you!

Shopify Vs. Etsy

Shopify is a website platform, while Etsy is an online marketplace. Both of them offer beneficial advantages to the customers. The Shopify platform can be integrated with Etsy to easily migrate the store from one platform to another or keep both. There are crucial benefits of combining these two platforms. Etsy Shopify inventory management makes it easy to manage the operational process.

When planning to sell online, you find yourself wondering about selling the product on a better marketplace like Etsy because Etsy inventory management is considered best, or you will even prefer a platform like Shopify to launch your store to sell the products. Etsy has many essential features that can highly scale up your online business. Shopify consists of more flexible and advanced features to boost customer engagement and level up operational activities.

Why is Inventory Management Important?

There is vast importance of inventory management, especially for eCommerce and online retail brands. Accurate inventory management helps track and allows brands for order fulfillment in a guaranteed time. Inventory management scales up the business to grow and expand its features. Implementing a strategic plan optimizes the process of managing inventory, including real-time data of inventory conditions and levels. There are many benefits related to inventory management, such as increased customer satisfaction, order fulfillment, inventory planning, and ordering.

Ideas For Inventory Management Options for Etsy & Shopify Businesses

Syncr – Highly Recommended Software

Syncr is a Shopify app integrated with Etsy. The software will keep both shops in sync in an automatic detected mode. When an item is sold in Etsy, Sync will deduct the inventory quantity by 1, eventually reflected in your Shopify store. This way, the software knows separate listings of both Etsy and Shopify stores. This software is an affordable option with more basic software options. Etsy order management is simplified with the help of this software.

Trunk – Shopify App

The Trunk is a Shopify app similar to Syncr, but the significant difference is Trunk can be synced with other platforms, for example, Etsy. This software can also manage the bundling of goods together. Hence, it has superior quality to Syncr. The Trunk is designed for managing kit-ting and bundling and syncing inventory between Etsy and Shopify.


CraftyBase software is both an inventory and bookkeeping system integrated with Etsy and Shopify. It is designed explicitly for handmade businesses. The primary benefit is that it allows tracking the materials in the count to inventory items. Keeping track of raw materials is essential for keeping track of the entire business. Craftybase is an advanced type of software for inventory management because it allows doing accounts. Hence it will allow you to calculate the cost of sold goods. This software will let you understand how to keep inventory on Etsy.


Inventory management has several beneficial advantages that enhance the e-commerce business. There are different inventory options for integrating Etsy & Shopify Businesses through software. This further leads to better selling of products and proper customer engagement.

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