March 28, 2022

How To Cool A Warehouse Without AC

Warehouses can get awfully toasty during the summer, even without air conditioning. If you're looking for some tips on how to cool a warehouse without AC, you've come to the right place! We'll share some tricks that should help make your warehouse more comfortable this summer.

Maintaining Cold Storage

Make sure to maintain your freezers to stay cool in the warehouse. Keeping your warehouse chilly is particularly important for companies that rely on the cold to maintain their items fresh, such as food businesses.

If there is a power outage during the summer, your goods might soon deteriorate. Make sure you have several backup generators to preserve your items' refrigeration.

You must also maintain track of your commercial freezers to ensure that any service issues have been resolved. As a result, you'll be able to keep your freezer functioning at total capacity throughout the summertime.

Evacuate The Hot Air

Adequate warehouse airflow eliminates unwanted heat, humidity, fumes, smokes, and dust build-up. Wind or hybrid ventilation devices not only serve to preserve goods and machines but also help create a better working environment for warehouse employees, resulting in increased production and wellness. Portable commercial fans can also help keep air circulating and cool places that aren't reachable by air conditioning equipment in vast warehouse areas.

Remove The Source Of Heat

Turning off any machinery or gadgets before leaving for the day is a simple and practical measure to keep the building cool that is often overlooked. By avoiding using any objects that aren't necessary during the night, you may reduce the amount of heat created and assist the ventilation system in cooling the property more effectively.

Use The Colder Nighttime Air To Your Advantage

Night purging - exchanging hot interior air with cool night air from outside by using HVAC ventilation and cooling – is a standard procedure in industrial applications to increase a building's capacity to keep cool. The notion of cross ventilation is used in night purging to reap the benefits of hot air ascending and cool air sinking owing to pressure differences.

Make Use Of Dehumidifiers

When humidity levels in your factory setting are excessive, it can make the space feel much warmer than it is. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, reducing relative humidity. When installed in combination with your HVAC system, Dehumidifiers may help you cool your warehouse while also lowering your energy expenditures. If you live in a warm and dry climate, dehumidifiers will have the reverse impact. In regions like Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, swamp coolers are often used to bring moisture back to the atmosphere.

Seal Any Air Leaks

Make sure that all windows and doors are properly sealed. Even a tiny quantity of leaking might cause the warehouse to overheat.

When it comes to air leakage, truck loading dock doors are a significant source of worry for industrial buildings. When the loading dock isn't in use, ensure the doors are closed. Think about putting up curtains at shipping dock doors to keep the air out when they're open.

Leave Doors And Gates Covered

In the summer, closing doors and gates stop cool air from exiting and hot air entering. Even with enough insulation, cold air might find its way out. When exits or dock doors are left open for extended periods, especially when they aren't needed, they might become an issue.

To fight this, close the doors or curtains to stop some of the air from departing and warm air from entering.

Curtains and strip doors can also be used in hotter regions of the warehouse, such as when heavy equipment is running. These products allow for quick accessibility to rooms while not interfering with warehouse production.


If you're looking for some tips on how to cool a warehouse without AC, we've got you covered! Stay comfortable this summer with our warehouse cooling tips. And if you're looking for a more comprehensive solution that will help keep your warehouse running smoothly all year round, be sure to check out our new 3PL management software. We build the tools 3PLs use to not only compete but thrive in today's market. Contact us today to learn more!

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