January 24, 2022

How to Create the ideal Receiving Checklist for Your 3PL Warehouse

If you're like most business owners, you're probably outsourcing your warehousing and logistics to a third-party provider (3PL). And if you're like most business owners, you're also wondering how to create the perfect receiving checklist for your 3PL warehouse. Well, wonder no more! In this post, we'll give you tips on what to include on your checklist and how to make sure your products are received correctly. Let's get started!

Importance of Receiving Checklist

Warehouse management is a complicated task, but it can be made simple by implementing a sound system. A good warehouse practices checklist is one of them. Usually, this checklist consists of step-by-step procedures to be followed by the staff in the warehouse. A focus on the warehouse receiving process will simplify the task.

The warehouse receiving process has to be considered the first task. It includes the task of delivery from the manufacturer, unloading the material received and storing the material according to the size and importance. If this primary task is done perfectly, other tasks will automatically be done effectively. A warehouse receiving process checklist should be strictly followed to get cost-efficient output. The following points should be listed in the warehouse receiving process checklist.

1. Check The Requirements

 The warehouse receiving process flow starts from this step. Before ordering the new material, the warehouse manager should list what is available. Accordingly, the manager should place an order. The existing material should be dispersed first then further ordering should be done. Here, demand for the product plays an important role.

Suppose the current material’s market is there. In that case, containing new material is acceptable; otherwise, reordering of non-moving materials will consume the storage space of the warehouse, and there won’t be any space left for the required materials.

2. Documentation Of The Status

The manager should conduct periodic checking of the warehouse and make necessary documents stating the position of the material. When new material is ordered, even that also has to be documented. This document will act as concrete evidence to check what is called and received? Similarly, when a manufacturer sends the inventory to the warehouse through 3PL, the manufacturer then documents how much material they are sending and how they are being dispatched. When dealing with 3PL, the manufacturer should care extra about packing material.

3. Unloading And Storage Of Material

 Whether it is 3PL or own transport, once the material reaches the warehouse, the manager should ensure that the warehouse staff can unload it. You should carefully unload the material from the vehicle. Now, the material should be stored in a location meant for the material. All these should be done tactfully, as any negligence would damage the material, and the material will be of no use.  

4. Cross Verification Of The Material Received

Once unloading and storage of the material are done, the concerned warehouse staff should compare the material obtained with the requirement list sent to the manufacturer. All that is correct has to be ticked in the checklist. Any discrepancy related to short supply, wrong supply, or incorrect quantity should be notified to the manufacturer immediately. This would avoid confusion in later stages. 

Once each step is complete, the manager should tick the warehouse receiving process checklist to confirm that the particular task is done. The warehouse receiving best practices ensures the safety of the product.


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