November 28, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Order Management

Searching for and buying goods online is the present trend. It is the most preferred mode for those who are adept at using smartphones. They are open to using it owing to the attractive offers and scope for comparison of the items. When it comes to the online marketplace, you will agree that Amazon tops the list. You can consider it to be the market leader. But, to be a leader and to remain that way indeed is tough. However, Amazon has made it possible and will continue to keep the lead as well. 

Amazon’s Success Factor 

There might be several factors that have contributed to the success story of Amazon. However, the most important among them as an online marketplace is the efficient order management system. This is one factor that has ensured customer satisfaction. But, how do they manage to do it? When will you feel happy? It is when you get what you want immediately. The amazon order management system ensures it.

Amazon And Order Management 

One factor that distinguishes Amazon from other marketplaces is that the warehouses of Amazon store most of the products are stored in-house. This means there is a need for large storage spaces. Amazon has a multitude of warehouses and each one of them spanning across a large area. But, handling the stock needs efficiency. This is achieved by having an efficient order management system.

Order Management System-What Is It?

 When you think of proper inventory management, the idea you have in mind is shelves stocked with similar products. You will expect it to be arranged methodically as well. But, Amazon uses a chaotic storage system. This refers to an automated warehouse and inventory management system. This refers to the extensive use of barcodes and barcode scanners to stock and sell goods. 

The Chaotic System

 The inventory Management system adopted by amazon is referred to as Chaotic storage. The products that come into the warehouse are placed wherever there is enough space for them. However, the Amazon order management software is efficient enough. This makes it possible for them to get the item required without hassles despite the chaotic storage. The warehouse managers will be able to pinpoint where a particular item is shelved. Also, they will be able to offer guidance to the selectors of the products and the route to reach them. 

Seller Orders

 Though amazon stores a lot of items in-house, there are also sellers associated with them. You can order products through Amazon. But, it will be dispatched by third-party sellers. One should say that amazon excels in selling and fulfilling amazon seller orders as well. This is also a part of the Amazon order management system. This also works like a well-oiled machine. Hence, it contributes to the success of Amazon in the online marketplace.

Benefits Of Chaotic Storage

As mentioned above amazon order management system includes a chaotic inventory management system. This is controlled by messy inventory management software. It is a tool that is used effectively by warehouse managers to manage inventory. In short, you can refer to it as the amazon order management software.  

Let us consider the benefits of having a chaotic storage and inventory management system. It includes



 There is no use having a warehouse that has empty spaces here and there. That too, when you have a large number of things to be stored. In the chaotic system, the open storage spaces will be filled immediately. Therefore, you will not be wasting valuable storage space.


Proper Space Management

 The chaotic system will offer flexibility to place the larger goods in the available space rather than cramp it into smaller places. That is, just because they belong to that category. This way, you will be able to save twice as many goods without cramping them.


Reduce Errors

 The use of amazon order management software that complements this chaotic arrangement ensures lesser errors. It refers to picking errors. This means lesser mix-ups. It also reduces mis-ships. It includes sending wrong-sized or wrong color t-shirts. It occurs when t-shirts are grouped. 

Better Protection

When items like t-shirts or other fabrics are in the same bin where the lamps and glass items are stored, it acts as extra protection.



 In a chaotic system, there is no need for special training. Even a new employee can learn everything he has to through practice. Since the amazon order management software gives directions to pick the items along with the short route to reach them, you will not have problems even if there is a turnover of workers.

Quick Racking And Storage

 The storage locations are determined after considering factors such as space, weight load, etc. Therefore, the storage process will be done quickly and efficiently. There will be no need to move to remote areas of the warehouse when there is space available in the front portions.

Features Of Amazon Order Management Software

1. The Amazon order management software is the tool that helps Amazon manage the storage in-house and meet the customer needs quickly and correctly. They also incorporate efficient systems to manage amazon seller orders. The other features are as follows.

2. The Amazon order management software pulls orders from multiple channels to a dashboard. Therefore, numerous declarations are processed together.

3. The software provides detailed information and analytics. However, analytics also involves third-party services. Hence, you will get a fair idea of how these channels compare and which is performing well, and what is not doing well.

4. You will be able to know the product level profitability across different channels.

5. Product orders, including amazon seller orders, are attended to adhering to amazon’s rules. This ensures that the charges are managed efficiently.


Amazon is always looking for ways to make the customer experience as smooth and seamless as possible. In this article, we’ve discussed how they do it with their order management system - something that can be applied across any industry or business type. We hope you found these insights helpful!

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