April 25, 2023

Get the Most Out of Your Warehouse Operations with Tilt Tray Sorters

Are you looking for ways to optimize your warehouse operations and increase efficiency? Tilt tray sorters provide simple, practical solutions that can help streamline the workflow of any warehouse. In this blog post, we will explore what tilt tray sorters are, how they work, and their benefits so you can decide if they're the right choice for your business operations. With proper implementation and use of a tilt tray sorter, businesses can achieve greater productivity while ensuring accuracy in order fulfillment. Read on to learn more about tilt tray technologies!

What Are Tilt Tray Sorters?

Tilt tray sorters are a material handling system used in warehouses and distribution centers to sort and move items quickly and efficiently. This system consists of trays mounted on a conveyor system, which can tilt and move things to different locations based on their destination.

The tilt tray sorters use sensors and control systems to identify and track items as they move through the system. Once an item has been placed and its destination has been determined, the system tilts the tray to slide it into the appropriate chute or conveyor lane, where it can be transported to the next stage.

Tilt tray sorters are popular in the eCommerce industry, where they can handle a high volume of small to medium-sized items, including clothing, electronics, and other consumer goods. These systems can operate at high speeds, enabling companies to process and ship orders quickly and efficiently.

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Applications of Tilt Tray Sorters

Let's discuss the different applications of Tilt Tray Sorters in the e-commerce industry.

Order Fulfillment

Tilt Tray Sorters are commonly used in e-commerce warehouses for order fulfillment. They sort and distribute products to different areas in the warehouse, making it easier for workers to pick and pack items for shipment. With their high speed and accuracy, Tilt Tray Sorters can handle large orders, reducing order processing time and improving efficiency.

Returns Processing

Returns are a significant challenge for e-commerce businesses. Tilt Tray Sorters can be used to sort and process returned products, making the process faster and more efficient. The system can quickly sort items based on their condition and return them to the appropriate location in the warehouse for further processing.


Cross-docking is receiving products from suppliers and immediately sorting and shipping them to customers. Tilt Tray Sorters are ideal for cross-docking because they can sort products quickly and accurately, ensuring they are sent to the correct destination on time.

Parcel Sorting

Tilt Tray Sorters can also be used for parcel sorting in the e-commerce industry. They can sort packages based on their size, weight, and destination, making it easier for carriers to transport them to the correct location.

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Benefits of Tilt Tray Sorters

Tilt Tray Sorters have become a popular solution for the e-commerce industry thanks to their ability to handle large volumes of products and orders efficiently. Here are some benefits of Tilt Tray Sorters in the e-commerce industry:

Increased Efficiency

Tilt Tray Sorters can handle a large volume of items simultaneously, sorting and distributing products quickly and accurately. This increased efficiency reduces the time required for order fulfillment and processing, which is critical in the eCommerce industry.

High Accuracy

Tilt Tray Sorters are highly accurate when sorting and distributing products, ensuring that each order is fulfilled correctly. This helps reduce errors and customer complaints, which can impact a company's reputation and bottom line.


Tilt Tray Sorters can handle various product types, shapes, and sizes, making them versatile solutions for e-commerce companies. This flexibility allows businesses to expand their product lines without worrying about whether their sorting system can handle the new items.


Tilt Tray Sorters are a cost-effective solution for eCommerce companies because they require less manual labor and can sort and distribute products faster than traditional sorting methods. This can result in cost savings on labor and increased revenue due to faster order processing.


In conclusion, tilt tray sorters are an efficient and cost-effective way to increase the efficacy of many warehouse facilities. Tilt tray technology helps businesses streamline workflow operations and improve accuracy in order fulfillment. When selecting and using a tilt tray solution for your business, it is essential to conduct research, considering customer and product needs, volume capacity requirements, budget, etc. Not only will you achieve greater productivity through tilt tray sorters, but you can also save vital time and resources in the long run. If you're ready to optimize your warehouse operations with a tilt tray sorter, consider connecting with a 3PL professional who understands industry needs and can help choose the most beneficial option for your business. Get started today with Your new all-in-one 3PL management; we build the tools 3PLs use to compete and excel within their

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