April 28, 2022

What Is A Warehouse Mezzanine?

A warehouse mezzanine floor structure is a raised floor or platform built between the floor and the ceiling. Most of the time, these steel constructions are self-supporting and can be easily dismantled and relocated. Steel is used to construct industrial mezzanines. Depending on the application, the flooring is composed of steel, wood material, finished floor, or b-decking. Concrete flooring can be installed on mezzanines as well. In a warehouse setting, mezzanine systems are a cost-effective solution to expand storage by utilizing empty vertical space. The space beneath the mezzanine is built after the mezzanine has been made.

Types Of Warehouse Mezzanine

Freestanding Platform

A free-standing platform is the most frequently used type of mezzanine in industrial settings. They provide the most flexible extension option, allowing you to utilize the space for anything from extra light storage to shifting employee offices.

Rack Supported Warehouse Mezzanine

A rack-supported warehouse mezzanine is of low cost. It employs your existing pallet racking of the warehouse as the base for the platform; however, be sure your rack system can securely withstand the additional weight before constructing this form of a mezzanine.

Shelf Supported Warehouse Mezzanine

Another option to decrease the requirement for free-standing columns is to use shelf-supported mezzanines. Mezzanine platforms are built on top of existing shelving and provide the perfect space for an upper deck. Metal grate flooring is recommended if you want to use the mezzanine to hold an additional level of shelving for more excellent fire prevention and airflow. Depending on the intended storage load, you may need to install additional structural support.

 What Are The Benefits Of A Warehouse Mezzanine?

Increase Your Storage

Outgrowing your current location is one of the most challenging problems warehouses face. Maintaining the supply and demand chain necessitates proper storage; however, as your company grows, so will your storage requirements. Mezzanines help increase your storage and workplace without having to relocate or spend money on costly building and remodeling.

Better Safety

A warehouse manager's primary concern should be to keep their staff safe, and mezzanines provide you with the option to do so. Employees at warehouses who work in combined packaging and processing areas may be in danger of injury. Employees can be separated from potentially dangerous tools and vehicles using mezzanines. Heavy machinery's load and features necessitate specifically designed platforms to accommodate them. Mezzanine platform flooring is available in a range of materials. By giving greater access to the fire control system and providing increased sight for managers to monitor warehouse operations, choosing the right platform can improve your facility's security.


Another benefit of a warehouse mezzanine іѕ it is the most cost-effective alternative for adding additional storage space to your facility. It is costly to add an expansion or relocate to a new building. When you pick a warehouse mezzanine, on the other hand, you'll get the benefits on a low budget.


A warehouse mezzanine can be a great way to increase your storage capacity without having to add more floor space. By using the wasted space in your warehouse, you can improve efficiency and get more products stored and organized. If you’re looking for help organizing your warehouse, our team of experts can build the tools you need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our warehouse mezzanines and how we can help you get the most out of your business!

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